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Hi, I'm Hayley!

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

I am Hayley and I'm from Lake Jackson, TX or as I tell strangers, "I'm from a small town an hour South of Houston". Maybe you've heard of Buc-ees, home of clean gas station restrooms. Lake Jackson is where Buc-ees got it's start. My dad left me at a Buc-ees once when I was a kid, but I digress.

I was lucky and my parents let me try many things. At various stages I did Tee-ball, gymnastics, soccer, karate, basketball, tennis, played the violin and took art classes. I wanted to do anything and everything I could. I wanted to be in 5 places at once, and if you know me, that is still the case today!

I later left Lake Jackson for Austin, TX where I went to the University of Texas at Austin for my undergraduate degree in psychology. Here I took up jogging to keep myself and my dog in shape. I also realized I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. I just knew I wanted to help people. Cliché, I know. For me, this would bring me meaning and fulfillment to my life. Because of my interest in so many sports, physical therapy was a natural fit for me. Oh yes, and I met my husband here in Austin. He's a pretty important guy. He helped me focus on my goals.

I then got my doctorate in physical therapy from Angelo State University in West Texas. There, my classmates and I stayed active as we learned about how disease impacts our bodies. It was great motivation! Here I made life long friends and played on our intramural soccer and volleyball teams. I even took up biking with some of my classmates. We would bike through the cornfields on the weekends.

After completing the whirlwind that is graduate school, my husband and I got married and I started my first job. I have worked with orthopedic patients since I graduated in 2012. This includes patients who have had injuries or surgery on any bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments or joints. My husband and I have 2 small children and they are pretty much the cutest ever. We lead an active lifestyle and love to take our children camping, hiking and swimming. My husband loves cycling and I played sand volleyball and soccer prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Once the situation is safer you bet I plan to get back into it!

Garner State Park

The past couple of years I have considered starting my own business. Back in March 2020, I was laid off from my full time job (later re-hired) due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that sparked my motivation to go ahead and start. Of all the sports I've played, soccer has always been my favorite and I know how difficult it is to not be able to play. Soccer speaks to my heart so I developed my company to focus on and specialize in treating soccer players.

I will use my blog to help share useful information for soccer players. I will discuss injury prevention techniques as well as tips for recovering from injury. I hope you enjoy! Please comment below any topic requests.



If you would like to get started with learning injury prevention techniques, check out my eBook Stretches for Soccer Players to find out if your stretching routine is putting you at an increased risk of injury.


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