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Serving the Greater Austin Area

Helping soccer players and active people get stronger 
without pain.



Mobile and Telehealth


IT Consulting

Am I the right fit for you? The longer you wait, the harder certain injuries are to treat. Let's meet for a phone conference and find out now. It's completely free!

On a Video Call

This is a movement screen performed via video chat. Choose one area of the body for me to assess. I will walk you through movements and at the end give you a couple of suggestions that will address the main findings.

Leg Injury

Are you having pain or discomfort that is keeping you from playing soccer or running as much as you would like? Are you at a loss for what to do? Schedule an initial examination for a more in depth look and direction on what you can do!

These are in home visits or via video chat.


Adequate treatment visits are important to ensure you meet your goals. Schedule these after you have had your initial examination. Packages are available and encouraged for a full recovery.

These are in home visits or via video chat.

eBooks for Download

How to Manage Your KNEE PAIN front cover
Argentina vs Croatia Football Your Story

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